Taxi and Auto Fares in India

October 15, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

Majority of the population in India is dependent on taxis and autos. But with every passing day, availing the services of these two vehicles is becoming nightmare as the charges are rising like anything. People who avail taxis and autos regularly now have to lose some more money as the prices of fuels have increased all over again with the final nod of the transport minister. Just after the rise in the fuel charges, auto unions in all over the country had gone on a strike and made demands to raise the taxi and auto fares and things are showing in such a way that finally they are on their way to achieve their goals.

Taxi and Auto Fares in India The transport cabinet along with their representatives is discussing on this issue and had arranged for a meeting to solve this problem. The meeting is simply pointing towards the rise of the auto and taxi fares. With this decision, the auto unions also decide to call off the strike and get back to their daily work. People all over the country are now protesting against this decision as India has still not recovered from the effects of recession. In such a delicate situation, the transport minister has again made such a decision for which the common people have to suffer.

Post to this incident, for taking such a decision, a new issue is dwindling like an axe over the head of the transport minister. The Blueline bus owners now are also demanding to raise their fares too. With their meeting with the transport minister their demand was met but partially. But here also the bus owners are further planning to get their demands fulfilled by going on strikes.

This decision has raised tremendous agitation among the Indian citizens as they are being axed in all this. This time the auto and taxi fares are really sharp and the hike is as high as Rs.5. The older rates for autos were Rs.10 which now amounts to Rs.15 per kilometer. For taxis the charges are more which has increased from Rs. 13 to Rs.15.

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