Taxi and Auto Fares in India

October 15, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

Majority of the population in India is dependent on taxis and autos. But with every passing day, availing the services of these two vehicles is becoming nightmare as the charges are rising like anything. People who avail taxis and autos regularly now have to lose some more money as the prices of fuels have increased all over again with the final nod of the transport minister. Just after the rise in the fuel charges, auto unions in all over the country had gone on a strike and made demands to raise the taxi and auto fares and things are showing in such a way that finally they are on their way to achieve their goals.

Taxi and Auto Fares in India The transport cabinet along with their representatives is discussing on this issue and had arranged for a meeting to solve this problem. The meeting is simply pointing towards the rise of the auto and taxi fares. With this decision, the auto unions also decide to call off the strike and get back to their daily work. People all over the country are now protesting against this decision as India has still not recovered from the effects of recession. In such a delicate situation, the transport minister has again made such a decision for which the common people have to suffer.

Post to this incident, for taking such a decision, a new issue is dwindling like an axe over the head of the transport minister. The Blueline bus owners now are also demanding to raise their fares too. With their meeting with the transport minister their demand was met but partially. But here also the bus owners are further planning to get their demands fulfilled by going on strikes.

This decision has raised tremendous agitation among the Indian citizens as they are being axed in all this. This time the auto and taxi fares are really sharp and the hike is as high as Rs.5. The older rates for autos were Rs.10 which now amounts to Rs.15 per kilometer. For taxis the charges are more which has increased from Rs. 13 to Rs.15.

Affordable Train Fares – Not a Thing to Miss

October 5, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

It is good news for people who love to explore new places by experiencing the charisma and beauty of the world. Traveling is a wonderful experience and a great way to unwind from the daily tensions and stress in our lives. But at times of emergency, it turns imminent. With the sudden downturn of the economy, when prices of every essential item is soaring like anything, it automatically turns you more economical and your desire to travel places gets dumped into darkness. At such times, reasonably priced train fares can come to your rescue and you can once again resume your desire to explore new destinations. Cheap and affordable train tickets are worth the value of your hard earned money and are also beneficial when it comes to taking decisions that make sense economically. Make great savings by availing cheap train fares in this recessionary environment.

Affordable Train Fares You can search for cheap train fares online as several web portals offer complete assistance in making reservations that helps to save your time, effort and money. Find them on websites that are directly associated with merchants. Such a system is hassle free as these merchants will help you to get the best deals that would serve effectively all your needs and requirements. These merchants provide sources that are reliable and services of high standard that will leave you spoiled with choice. So getting cheaply priced train fare is no longer a dream for people who want to persuade their hobby of travelling to new destinations.

Apart from that on a general term you could also apply some tactics that could help you to get reasonably priced train tickets. If you make your reservations well in advance you can save a lot on your budget. But is it ever possible to make early bookings? Well no, for planned trips or family vacations it may be possible but for unplanned trips you cannot rule out such a possibility. Those who opt for early reservations are blessed with a very good instinct. Apart from that you can avail other option like season ticket or rail cards that are also helpful in cutting rail costs.

A Complete Guide on Train Fares of India

October 4, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

One of the most cheapest and reasonable train tickets is available at the Indian railways and for this reason, this railway network is considered all over the world as the common man’s friend. Till the late 1980’s the Indian ticketing system was manual. It was only after the year 1986 that the entire procedure of reservation became computerized starting its first office in New Delhi. Once the system turned automated, people across the country were able to gather updated information about the train’s accessibility and status. Now, the Indian railway ticketing system has spread all over the country largely in mechanized form except few remote areas or regions?

Train Fares of India But with the advent of mobile services as well as internet in India, the railway ticketing system in India further developed and is in fact touching new heights. The Indian railway ticketing system is variant and entails variety of facilities for the citizens of the country. Demographically the senior citizens are the most privileged group as they get great discounts on their train fares. Other groups that get special attention from the Indian railways are the disabled people, students, staffs of the Indian railways and government officials who are ranked at top posts. Ladies are also benefitted with a section that is being allotted for them especially.

Train fares in the Indian railways is comparatively cheaper than other countries and much to everybody’s surprise has held the reasonable position even during the phase of recession. In fact the government of the country has made the train fares more affordable to the common people so that they do not get burdened with daily travel expenses. However, train fares are determined during the annual budget. Train tickets in India are available with both the minor and major railway stations across the country. Now with the online booking systems, people can make their reservation right at their home without the need to stand in long queues.

A Snapshot at the Private Fare Loading

October 2, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

Since the inception of internet, we have witnessed several benefits that have changed our lives from scratch to mammoth size. It has wired the whole world and you just wish anything you get that at the click of your mouse. Such is the power of internet that is even changing the dimension of operating a business initiative. Even we do not shop that frequently online but the world wide web is considerably having great effects on all our lives letting us know new phrases and terms that would have never possible without this medium. Such a term is the ‘Private fare loading’. This article will throw some light on this latest terminology, what it is all about and its uses and benefits for business people.

A Snapshot at the Private Fare Loading The term of private fare loading originated from the online travel business market. Travel companies are bringing out this convenient option of shopping that helps you to save your precious time and money. This main aim of this system is to make shopping more convenient and faster along with some privileges that makes this process an ‘it thing’. Whenever you visit a travel agency, you will see wide array of options that can be clicked to avail their services. Just by clicking on one of them, you can purchase your selected item with the best of deals and offers. By outsourcing the services of a private fare loading company, travel agencies reap full benefits by looking into the travel needs of clients.

In the private fare loading system there is simply no chance for mistakes. There is no room for confusion in the travel business. The travel itineraries of clients are managed well by the travel companies. They even devise specific mechanisms so as to avoid damage or any other problems by insuring the items. This is a service that most of the travel company’s use nowadays that allows them in loading ticketing and fare information that is loaded into their respective websites.