A Complete Guide on Train Fares of India

October 4, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

One of the most cheapest and reasonable train tickets is available at the Indian railways and for this reason, this railway network is considered all over the world as the common man’s friend. Till the late 1980’s the Indian ticketing system was manual. It was only after the year 1986 that the entire procedure of reservation became computerized starting its first office in New Delhi. Once the system turned automated, people across the country were able to gather updated information about the train’s accessibility and status. Now, the Indian railway ticketing system has spread all over the country largely in mechanized form except few remote areas or regions?

Train Fares of India But with the advent of mobile services as well as internet in India, the railway ticketing system in India further developed and is in fact touching new heights. The Indian railway ticketing system is variant and entails variety of facilities for the citizens of the country. Demographically the senior citizens are the most privileged group as they get great discounts on their train fares. Other groups that get special attention from the Indian railways are the disabled people, students, staffs of the Indian railways and government officials who are ranked at top posts. Ladies are also benefitted with a section that is being allotted for them especially.

Train fares in the Indian railways is comparatively cheaper than other countries and much to everybody’s surprise has held the reasonable position even during the phase of recession. In fact the government of the country has made the train fares more affordable to the common people so that they do not get burdened with daily travel expenses. However, train fares are determined during the annual budget. Train tickets in India are available with both the minor and major railway stations across the country. Now with the online booking systems, people can make their reservation right at their home without the need to stand in long queues.

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