Negotiating Travel Fares with Travel Agents

October 16, 2010 | Posted in Tips to Get Cheap Fare

Travelling being a wonderful experience should be planned with utmost care and patience. Do not plan any of your trips hurriedly otherwise it will lose its glory. Take time out and systematically proceed for your trip as everything needs to be perfect. A perfectly planned trip is worth enjoying. Now take a back sit and let all your worries bug your travel agent. Those days are gone when you had to plan all the nitty gritties of a trip. Now is the age of relaxing as everything will be managed by your travel agent. But before that you have to find a reputed travel agency that can efficiently design vacations and trips for its clients and if required will also provide customized travel plans for those customers who want something different in their trips to make it a lifetime experience.

Negotiating Travel Fares with Travel Agents While planning for your trips, make sure you negotiate with your travel agent about the prices of the fares. Ask them if they could reduce some of the amount of the actual fare price or not. This would not be possible if you are dealing with them over the phone or through the internet as face to face interaction would be more effective.

This is the problem of the travelers of the present generation that they always vouch on the internet for getting their bookings done. Such a habit keeps them away from understanding the working principle of every travel agent. A lot of the travelers sometimes just pick a travel company and find for the best deals. If this procedure does not work out, then only they look for a travel agent. But one should understand the role of a travel agent in whipping up the prices of costly travel fare to a large extent.

Try on to these simple steps to negotiate with a travel agent:-

  • At first visit the travel agency to make sure that you is dealing with the right people.
  • Inquire about the different transportation fares available as well as a comparison of the fares.
  • After a bit of inquiry start negotiating with them maintaining a composed tone.
  • Ask them to provide a complete detail of the ticket rates on which they are fixed.
  • Start bargaining right away and do it with calmness without being too rude to them.

Taxi and Auto Fares in India

October 15, 2010 | Posted in Fares in India

Majority of the population in India is dependent on taxis and autos. But with every passing day, availing the services of these two vehicles is becoming nightmare as the charges are rising like anything. People who avail taxis and autos regularly now have to lose some more money as the prices of fuels have increased all over again with the final nod of the transport minister. Just after the rise in the fuel charges, auto unions in all over the country had gone on a strike and made demands to raise the taxi and auto fares and things are showing in such a way that finally they are on their way to achieve their goals.

Taxi and Auto Fares in India The transport cabinet along with their representatives is discussing on this issue and had arranged for a meeting to solve this problem. The meeting is simply pointing towards the rise of the auto and taxi fares. With this decision, the auto unions also decide to call off the strike and get back to their daily work. People all over the country are now protesting against this decision as India has still not recovered from the effects of recession. In such a delicate situation, the transport minister has again made such a decision for which the common people have to suffer.

Post to this incident, for taking such a decision, a new issue is dwindling like an axe over the head of the transport minister. The Blueline bus owners now are also demanding to raise their fares too. With their meeting with the transport minister their demand was met but partially. But here also the bus owners are further planning to get their demands fulfilled by going on strikes.

This decision has raised tremendous agitation among the Indian citizens as they are being axed in all this. This time the auto and taxi fares are really sharp and the hike is as high as Rs.5. The older rates for autos were Rs.10 which now amounts to Rs.15 per kilometer. For taxis the charges are more which has increased from Rs. 13 to Rs.15.

Find Smart Ways to Get Senior Passenger Fares

October 12, 2010 | Posted in Airlines Fares

Nowadays, travel companies are fiercely competing with each other to gain a strong ground for themselves. Every day you will find new facilities that attracts a large group of customers towards their services. Such a service is the senior passenger fares which can be availed by people above 60 years. So grab this opportunity and let your senior family member enjoy this facility by acquiring information about the fare details, its limitations as well as restrictions. Inquire about such information by directly contacting their help desk as fares tend to change periodically. So while purchasing yours, make sure you have gathered total information for the same.

Find Smart Ways to Get Senior Passenger Fares The main advantage of senior passenger fares is that they are entirely refundable unlike other ticketing systems. So you do not have to worry for your money if you miss a flight or a train. However, their travel agents are there to plan for your trips well on time. As outings and trips should always be planned in advance, booking senior passenger fares well in advance is also advisable as they always remain limited.

It is also advisable that you make your bookings during mid-weeks and if not then do it in mid-days as the crowd does not bump on the reservation counters specifically at these times and you can carefully book your tickets. Apart from that a lot of other inquiries that one needs to do can be easily conducted during such a time. Ask for any query that you have on your mind.

With the senior passenger fares you will get various kinds of personal assistance as well as services at reasonable rates. For example wheelchairs are provided by the travel companies for sick and aged people so that they can board their train or flight with convenience. Such fare system is also very flexible and everything is handled in a lenient way as one has to deal with the senior citizens. Therefore in case of any last minute changes made in your plan like cancellation of tickets or changing your travel schedule can be handled easily and you will get full support and assistance of the travel companies.

Tips To Find Reasonable and Cheap Students Air Fare

October 12, 2010 | Posted in Tips to Get Cheap Fare

Student life is a time of learning things from a completely new perspective. This phase is not just about studying but one learns a lot of other things starting right from travelling alone and managing one’s own tight budget while on a trip. On the other hand, traveling has become such an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Especially for students when they have to stay in foreign countries for their higher education or in case if you want to just enjoy a nice trip with friends or excursions with your college team. Obviously it is not always possible to buy costly travel fares. In such a situation, one must look at options that could help students to cut on their expensive fares. Nowadays you could find affordable and reasonable travel fare that is beneficial in making trips less expensive.

Getting low cost students fare is no big deal these days. As you are a student, you would get all kinds of facilities from numerous travel concerns and you can easily fulfill your desire to explore exotic places and it’s a double whammy for all those who have to travel to and fro between home and their educational institutes.

Moreover, here are some tips to get affordable students fare for your reference:-

  • Cheap Students Air Fare You have specific options- In every country there is some special provision for students fare. The provision further explains the right of every fulltime student that they should entail to specific student’s tickets which are meant for them only and are different from the general class of fares.
  • Student’s fares are always cheaper than the usual kind of fares and provide special facilities when it is used for long distance travelling purposes. Student’s fares are available for both national and international travel.
  • Flexible and easy to avail- Fares for students are very flexible that allows you to alter your date, in case of train or flight cancellations letting you to set your own travel plans. This facility is not available with the general ticketing system which are non-changeable and non-refundable once if you make your bookings.
  • You will find cheap student’s fares on several websites which are formally owned by the travel companies.

So find a student’s travel pass for yourself also and enjoy the rest.

Knowing the Unfairness of the Airlines Fares

October 11, 2010 | Posted in Airlines Fares

If you travel frequently on a flight, make sure you do proper research about the fare details as a lot of unfair means are used nowadays by the travel companies related to their fare systems. It has always been my habit that whenever I avail a flight, I ask my fellow passengers about how much they have paid for their tickets and the kind of privileges they are getting from the travel companies. But every time I get a different view and answer from them.

Unfairness of the Airlines Fares This is because all of us are so busy with our trips and other things that each day we are paying different flight fares much to our surprise that we do not find it necessary to boggle our minds about the ticket amounts. The travel companies have understood this fact and in fact are reaping full benefits of the helplessness of their customers. Simply the airline fares are becoming atrocious and one needs to be very careful and sensible while booking for their airline tickets.

A lot of people are there who have to travel around the globe every other day for their business needs. In such a situation it is not possible for them to inquire about the fare systems as they have to plan their trips in stipulated time. To avoid hefty charges make sure you either plan your trip in advance and book tickets for the same or look for other options like the last minute low cost airfare that could help you to save your money.

Surely it is not possible for you to pay exorbitant airline fares every time you go for an unplanned business trip as you may end up paying more for your last minute flights than the amount that you pay for your well planned leisure trips. You can deal it with sensibility by asking your airline operator guy to reduce the cost of commissions if you are dealing with them regularly but in case of first timers be prepared to pay such hefty prices. For international flights you can ask them to cover your visa charges and for national trips ask them to provide any sort of vouchers so that you can at least utilize your high airline fares.

How to Save Your Money with Low Cost International Airfares?

October 11, 2010 | Posted in Airlines Fares

Very few people are there who do not love to travel. It is such a fun activity that attracts people all over the world. The tourism industry is booming with new offers on the horizon to attract maximum passengers in order to make heavy profits. But one needs to look at their budget as well which should not cross the limit of an individual’s affordability. To top it all the market of recession is compelling travelers to shy away from enjoying any sort of vacations or trips. The same thing goes with people who have to travel to and fro between countries for their business needs but cannot cut on their budget. One of the best alternatives proving to be a boon to travelers is the low cost international airline fares which lets you to maintain a reasonable budget.

Low Cost International Airfares It is known to everyone that due to the rising costs of fuel, prices of airfares are also soaring up and in such a situation you cannot always plan your trips in advance. Especially for business executives who have to hurriedly plan their business trips and for them the only option is the last minute airfares that often cost them a fortune. So either you plan your trips well in advance to avoid paying hefty airfares or consider booking international low cost airfares.

While buying low cost international airfares online, be sure you get them from a reputed ticket broker or from any consolidators in order to get the authentic tickets. Ticket brokers and consolidators offer discount airfares up to 50-70% off which are directly bought from the airline companies. Along with that you can look at newspapers into their travel section to find a consolidator who provide cheap priced international airfares.

But certain factors are there which you need to keep in mind; consolidators do not have any control over the fare and if you wish to change your travel schedules problems may arise as the fares are not reimbursable. If money is the main priority for you, then try to find out the right kind of deal from a well know consolidator after gathering complete information about the companies’ authentication.

Find Unbelievable Last Minute Reasonable Fares

October 10, 2010 | Posted in Airlines Fares

Traveling has always been a crucial part of our lives and cannot be separated from our lifestyle. But with it come a lot of hassles that should be handled with proper judgment. Remember those days when you had to pay exorbitant airline fare prices for your unplanned trips by waiting in the long crowded queues? Well times have changed as well as the airline ticketing systems. Now you can book your tickets at the comfort of your home, thanks to the internet you do not need to wait in long queues and waste your precious time as well as money. Find last minute reasonable and cheap air fares online and pay them through your credit card and enjoy your trips to the fullest.

Find Unbelievable Last Minute Reasonable Fares Well reasonable airfares works in everyone’s favor as it helps in shunning off the possibility of paying hefty airline fares that people of the yesteryears had to pay. This is beneficial for people who are into business and have to travel all over the world with least intimation. You must have experienced those days when you had to pay double the amount of airline fares for your last minute trips than for your well organized and planned leisure family trips. It is definitely an irritating thing to bear as for most people paying such high airfare every time are not possible.

But again low cost airfares remain limited and you have to be very alert for it. Whether you are travelling to a popular or an unknown destination, things does not matter really. The travel companies are always there to attract and retain more customers so you can actually increase their competition by availing the best deals in low cost airfares. Find a website that features wide range of low cost airfares and start comparing right from there and book the one that suits your needs and requirements well. These websites are helpful in providing the right kind of information on low cost airfare and you could also find a lot of discounts that is being offered by the leading airlines

Comparing Air Fares Made Easy With Comparison Sites Online

October 7, 2010 | Posted in Airlines Fares

For many people travelling constitutes an integral part of their lives. Whether it is for business purposes or just a leisure trip travelling cannot be separated from our lives. Today you have so many options of travelling- trains, buses, flights, depending on your affordability people select the transportation system. But with the decision of the transportation come a lot of other factors that should be handled with care. Gone are the days when people had to book their tickets in long crowded queues that wasted their entire day. Now is the age of internet where everything is achieved at just the click of a mouse. Book all your tickets from the online fare comparison sites and get the best deals saving your time and money.

Comparing Air Fares Made Easy With Comparison Sites Online It is certainly not possible nowadays to wait and book tickets by standing in queues as used to happen in earlier days. People are now busier and want to save their time as well as money so that they can avail the best deal and that too without wasting any time. To get more information on the fare comparison sites you can seek help from the travel agents about how to look for reasonably priced tickets. They are the ones who are qualified for this and have all the necessary details and equipments to track the best transportation system and will guide you in the right way to get desirable fares.

Truly internet has served as a boon to many people in providing accurate information on the transportation fares through the online comparison sites. Compare different sites as well as travel companies to find out the ideal match that suits your needs and preferences well on time. You surely will get spoiled with choice and if you are lucky enough you may get several offers online which are provided by the travel companies itself. So wait no long and from now book your tickets online through fare comparison sites.

Discounted Airfares Easy on Common Man’s Pocket

October 7, 2010 | Posted in Airlines Fares

With every passing day, the aviation industry is fiercely getting into tough competition. Especially due to the sudden downturn of the economy, airline companies are simply not compromising on their services. Top notch airline companies are sagacious enough to plan for strategies in case if they find less demand of their tickets. They know if they once lose out their position, getting it back would be very difficult. Because of this competition, airline companies make it a point to sell each and every seat in order to cover the basic costs and earn maximum profits. The result of such a tight competition has given rise to discounted airfares which is easy on the common man’s pocket.

Discounted Airfares Easy on Common Man’s Pocket You can look at the travel agencies where the travel experts provide complete guideline for making reservations which is a golden opportunity for you to save money. Travel agencies are indeed the best destination to find discounted airfares as they are limited in numbers. You can also visit the airline companies’ website to get offers directly from the companies and are named as ‘web only’ discount airfares. Imagine how much money would you save all through your life for your last minute bookings if you avail discount airfares? Probably over 75% of the actual price of a regular airline fare.

But be careful and do not wait for long as discount airfares are in high demand and if you plan to book your last minute fares grab it right now otherwise you would end up losing this golden chance. Yes you will find some terrific offers whenever you make last minute discounted airfare bookings. Such offers are so tempting that it may seem that the company is offering free tickets. Discounted airfares are very beneficial during occasions like Christmas, thanksgiving and others. So search from now onwards to get some of the most alluring deals on discounted airfares and make your trip a memorable one.

Importance of Compare Fares Sites

October 7, 2010 | Posted in Tips to Get Cheap Fare

The online medium has emerged to be a very powerful medium providing a lot of such options that people in the yesteryears would never have thought of. Such a phenomenon is a fare comparison site where you can compare the ticket rates of numerous travel companies in order to find the best deal among them. Forget standing in long queues for making a single booking as fare comparison sites are the best possible alternative to get your bookings done. Find a website that exhibits wide array of airlines, train fares ranging from the lowest to the highest of ticket costs. Bookings made through online comparison sites saves your time and money and you get your reservations done at the comfort of your home.

Importance of Compare Fares Sites With the fare comparison sites by your side, savings is sure to happen and you get the best deal in the market without even spending a single extra penny to the airline companies. These sites provide numerous discounts on the travel fare and you will also come to know about the charges of different airline companies. You should have some idea about the various ticket prices as it will help you further to get an estimate over the discounts made by a travel company. You can compare the price of the tickets that are being featured on the sites and select the one that suits all your travel needs and requirements well.

In order to find the right kind of sites you have to surf the internet and find a reputed fare comparison site for your bookings. This is important because nowadays a lot of scams are occurring; to avoid such bad experience make sure you gather enough information about a particular site and get your bookings done from that site only. After logging to one of these sites, you have to search for transportations for that place where you are planning to visit. Further find its schedules and then look for the rates that they are charging.